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Recent Projects

Riddell has released the Insite Impact Response System, a new integrated technology specifically designed to monitor and record significant head impacts sustained during football activity.   Working with the teams at Riddell and Simbex, Microprocessor Designs was brought in to review the Player Unit and the Alert Monitor for increased reliability, serviceability and manufacturability.     We redesigned both units, designed integrated manufacturing testers  and helped transfer the design to the contract manufacturer.  The system has received a Gold 2014 Edison Award.

SRAM has released the E-Matic Hub.  The hub is used in pedelec class electric bicycles such as the Electra Townie Go!  The hub provides up to 250W of power to the rear wheel via a two speed automatic transmission.   There is no throttle and no extra cables allowing for straightforward integration with the bicycle system.    The hub's integral torque-sensor monitors the rider's effort and in turn, the hub motor augments the users power delivering a comfortable ride, even going up a hill.   Now you can get to work, in your work clothes, without breaking a sweat!


iWalk has released the PowerFoot BiOMô, the first bionic lower leg that emulates  muscle function to allow the amputee to walk without stress.   Working as a team with the development engineers at iWalk, Microprocessor Designs designed 3 circuit assemblies which include multiple DSPs responsible for algorithmic, inertial and brushless DC motor control.  The system enables the prosthetic to provide energy during each step and helps the amputee to achieve natural movement and higher quality of life.  See the technology at work at iWalk.com.


Microprocessor Designs was part of the Revolutionizing Prosthetics 2009 development team funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The project objective was to produce a prosthetic arm with functional capabilities similar to a human limb.   We were responsible for the development of the microcomputer based Finger Tip Sensor Node.  The design is prominently showcased in the January 2010 edition of National Geographic.



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