System Design

This phase is where the system engineer determines how he or she can meet the requirements defined in the Functional Specification. A top-down approach is used to partition the design. All critical architectural concerns need to be highlighted at this phase. Some of these concerns must be verified prior to proceeding. We at Microprocessor Designs pride ourselves on our ability to traverse down to the details without becoming mired there during System Design. Once these details, or ‘system block diagrams’ as we refer to them are verified, we feel comfortable utilizing them in your product. The product/project is then partitioned into smaller, more manageable problems.

This involves:

  • Splitting a design into hardware, software (PC/Host computer) and firmware responsibilities
  • Selecting communications approaches
  • Defining data flow
  • Selecting development/test approaches

Deliverables of the System Design include:

  • System Design Document
  • Interface Control Documents (ICDs) for Externally Interconnected Assemblies
  • Development Schedule